This is my daughter Sara's (and her brother James')  new unicycle.  It is a cut down 16" unicycle. Notice how much shorter this is than the standard version.  It's about three inches shorter than the standard.

Here are the main features.
* Chromed steel frame
* Viscount seat with bumper guards
* Seat post with 4-bolt pillar bracket cut down to prevent the seat post from hitting the tire
* Cotterless crank arms
* Heavy-duty lollipop-style bearing holders
* Pneumatic tire/tube (45 psi maximum)
* Heavy-duty steel rim

Here is another picture

To put the size of this unicycle in perspective here is a picture of it next to my 36" Coker unicycle.


And here are some pics of the unicycle being ridden.

My legs are "slightly" too long to ride comfortably.

Sara's legs are just long enough.  She's still working on learning to ride but she can hug the wall for a picture just fine.

For the uni to fit James I'll probably need a different seat post.  With the cut-down seat tube/seatpost I can only adjust the seat about 1".  This same problem can be observed with the Coker "Big One".  My Coker included 3 different length seat posts for that reason.